Going to play for a little…


Sorry to tell you but I’m putting my Legacy on Hold. I know, you’re all nashing your teeth and pulling out your hair. Yes, you are, I can tell. =D

Anyway, I hope to get back to it. I  like this family so much.

Best Wishes,



My Legacy Challenge Story…

The Moodlets of Our Lives

The Sims 3

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You know that feeling you get when you look back on your life and think…”That is the moment my life really started.” Well, I dub this second right now – That Moment.

I could feel it, too. The sun was warming my skin, the breeze was caressing my face and the smell, it was clean yet spicy. Plus, I had that bubble of excitement in my chest spreading through me.

As I looked over the Beautiful View I knew, My Life was really starting…

Chapter 1: The Beginning

The next are much shorter..

Chapter 2: A Thorn

Chapter 3: The Decision

Chapter 4: Regroup

Chapter 5: You Don’t Know Me

Chapter 6: Just You and Me

Chapter 7: Why Knot

Chapter 8: Happy Occasion

Chapter 9: Wedding Daze

The Theme to my Legacy? I’m trying to get all the Moodlets from The Sims 3 game. Not in one generation… but that would be fun. =]

I’ve not blogged in Years- Years. And, I wasn’t even good at it then. I hope you can bare with me and maybe give some hints at this. I’ve got cookies. =}

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